I want a genuine man, perhaps someone who’s a bit lonely and wants proper adult fun and mutual respect.

I'm looking for a guy aged: Any age

Sex acts I'm into include: Wanking a man, sucking a man, Having sex with a man, occasionally anal sex with a man if I’m empty and feeling especially randy.

My Sexual orientation is: Straight but might be interested in trying it with a woman who fancies me.

I'm looking for: Let’s put it this way, shall we.... I'm horny and my boyfriend is gone for good, And I want a man to ravage my body. Contact me with descriptions of what you'd do to me and I'm all yours.

Am I happy to have a single man contact me? Yes definitely

Am I happy to have a bisexual/lesbian woman contact me? Why not....

Am I happy to have a couple contact me? Sounds interesting.....

Am I happy to have an Married/'going out with someone' man contact me? As long as you;’re nice enough looking and will treat me well and with respect.

Contact Her!

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