Well, the situation is this. I have been married for 30 years to someone who said he didn’t like sex. Personally, I have always loved sex and the only way I made my marriage work was by having a couple of discreet affairs. Then recently, my husband ran off with our 30-year-old cleaner and it turned out he has been shagging the fat strumpet senseless all over the house for over a year. I was so pissed-off! So now I am fucking with a vengeance! I know lots of mature ladies like me who have sex with younger men these days, so I am up for it if you are. I will fuck anyone between the ages of 20 and 60. Text me

Oral? - Yes
Vaginal? - Yes
Anal? - Yes
3sums? - No
Bisexual? - Yes
Willing to dress up in bed? - Yes
Gangbangs? - No
Sexparties? - Yes
Use sextoys? - Yes
Cum in mouth? - Yes
Cum over face? - Yes
Cum over body? - Yes
Cum up arse? - Yes
Cum up pussy? - Yes
Into pissing? - Yes
Into text sex? - Yes
Age range interested in? Any
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