I'm looking for a guy aged: 20+. looks/age not to important just so long as you have confidence. i love to suck cock, i just love sex.

Looking for Love ? Then look away! Life's to short for ties like that at the moment. I enjoy a quick satisfying fuck ...... or a long slow one with a guy who knows the score.

Sex acts I'm into include: Oral, footjobs, pussy sex, sometimes bottom sex, uniforms, sharing sex fantasies, living out sex fantasies, being licked out for more than 60seconds (HINT HINT).

My Sexual orientation is: Straight.

I'm looking for: A man for no strings attached sex fun

Am I happy to have a single man contact me? Yes but no sad lonely men please.

Am I happy to have a bisexual/lesbian woman contact me? No

Am I happy to have a couple contact me? No

Am I happy to have an Married/'going out with someone' man contact me? Yes, perhaps this would be the best option. Lets see how it goes.

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