Submissive kinky girl (34) seeks Strong demanding man to dominate me and get me to submit to your will. I enjoy being given most corporal punishments as well as bondage, being tied up and teased etc.

I love being spanked. And can take it pretty hard. Overall, I just love being dominated, used & abused sexually in general. I love being made to neal on my hands and knees, be oiled up in my pussy (butter, lard or oil) & then just shagged not because I'm loved or cared for or even fancied, but just because I'm a dirty slut with a pussy and a man might as well fuck me seeing as im there waiting dutifully.

When we get to know each other a bit more, I'll tell you how long I've been a submissive for and about some of my earlier experiences.

I certainly know how to serve a Master & my ability to tolerate pain is pretty good. It's what I'm here for….

So to some up, if you want to contact a reasonably attractive submissive woman who'll take any sort of  punishment, and you're in the Warwickshire/Midlands area, then please text me.

Contact Her!

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